If you want to have exciting experience true free-fall conditions like real skydive, please come here to get your chance to really fly. You can fly two skydives in the wind tunnel. It takes same timing like falling through the air from 12,000 to 3,000 feet! The cost is the cheapest amount all the skydives in the world.

How It Works

Indoor Skydiving Yangon is wall to wall type (W3), 12.1ft dia and 30ft tall, manufactured by Aerodium Technologies Ltd, which is located at Latvia, Riga, part of Europe and it is originated from Canada since 1979.
Aerodium can make people fly and create the most innovative vertical wind tunnels. Aerodium is the world leaders in the production of custom made vertical wind tunnels and in the provision of flight shows. On a daily basis Aerodium design, manufacture, install, and operate vertical wind tunnels for different functions all over the world–this includes, entertainment, indoor skydiving, show business & brand promotional events, movies, and military training.
We operate inspired by a mission– to provide the best flying experience, and to show that the impossible can be achieved!
AERODIUM is the original inventor of vertical wind tunnels for public entertainment.
AERODIUM is the world’s first acrobats.
AERODIUM created the world’s first fully transparent recirculation type of Windtunnel.
AERODIUM invented the world’s first indoor based jumping


Fully Qualified Instructors In Safe Hands

Indoor Skydiving Yangon is fully supervised by skilled instructor who is certified by the International Body Flight Association. Our instructors are well trained by International expertise of Aerodium trainers and examiner.
We will organize periodic tunnel training camps and arrange for skilled instructors, examiners.