Let’s Celebrate Birthday Party

  • You can enjoy another year of collecting memories with us.
  • Looking for a unique idea for your next birthday party?
  • Indoor skydiving offers fun for all ages.
  • Whether you are looking to have a birthday party for your children, or celebrate your 50th with friends and family, indoor skydiving will provide you with an unforgettable experience of a lifetime!
  • See our Birthday images to start planning your next birthday today!

Indoor Skydiving Challenge for Students

  • Student program, which lets students of all ages learn from – and experience the joys of – flight.
  • Students who are excited about the chance to experience the dream of flight will be eager listeners as they discover how the tunnel works, and how the principles of wind speed and velocity will help them take flight later in the program.
  • Teaching through a real-world experience is also strengthened when those giving the lesson are close to the material.
  • Indoor Skydiving Educators are passionate about skydiving, and it shows with each group of young learners they guide through the program.
  • Students benefit from the inspiration and enthusiasm of someone who loves the experience and knows the science behind it.

Kids Clubs

  • Looking for Something fun to do with your kids ? Join us !
  • This is the perfect way to keep youngsters active and entertained, improve co-ordination, build confidence and meet new friends.
  • Indoor skydiving combines many skills together that challenges and builds coordination, body awareness, team-building and general fitness and flexibility!
  • Whether they are enjoying flying themselves or watching others fly, slip, and do tricks, indoor skydiving is definitely entertaining for kids.
  • So, Ready to bring your kids.
  • We can’t wait to see the looks on their faces when they experience the wonder of flying for the first time!

Adult Clubs

  • Let us help make your dreams of flight a reality. Join us !
  • Ready to earn your wings?
  • Feel the Experience of thrilling sensation of skydiving
  • It is thrilling , challenging , realistic for adults.
  • Make indoor skydiving your SPORT; learn new skills, fly with others, and be part of a fantastic community!